Norden Dust Covers

Quality Dust Sheets
& Protection Films

Norden Dust Covers

Quality Dust Sheets & Protection Films

About Norden Dust Covers

Established in 1986, Norden Dust Covers supply premium quality cotton dustsheets and other temporary protection products to the trade and retail stores throughout the UK.

At the heart of our business is the manufacture of dust covers using coated cotton fabric. This provides a membrane through which paint and dirt cannot seep, making it an excellent choice for protection.

Over the years we have developed our range to include other types of cotton sheets and selection of industry leading protective films & complementary products including; Floor Protection coverings, Tapes, Gloves, Rubble Sacks and Cotton Rags.

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We’ve Been Supplying Quality Dust Sheets & Other Premium Protection Products To The Trade For Over 30 Years!

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