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To complement and complete our extensive range of quality dust sheets and protection films, we also stock a variety of “heavy duty” floor protection products, including:

  • Antinox Protection Boards
  • Blue ‘Tacky’ Mats
  • Blue Tarpaulin &
  • TPS Polythene Sheeting

You can find out more details about each product in the section just below – and please do get in touch for pricing details (which are dependent on order quantities), or any other questions you may have about our products.

Antinox (along with Correx) is one of the leading names in temporary protection boarding and can be used for a variety of both internal and external applications.

It is lightweight but extremely durable & impact-resistant and is commonly used to protect floors, walls, doors, ceilings & windows. Several sheets can be taped together to form a very effective protective, waterproof covering for the duration of the works.

Sheet Size: 2400mm x 1200mm
Thickness: 2mm or 4mm
Colour: White or Black

Minimum sales quantity – 20 sheets

Tacky Mats are the most effective and convenient way to reduce the transfer of dirt from one area to another.

It is a multi-sheet adhesive system that captures dirt on contact from shoes and trolley wheels etc – and so is ideal for placement between rooms where work is being carried out and ‘clean’ ones.

As each sheet becomes dirty simply peel off to reveal a clean sheet underneath and it’s ready for continued use.

Mat Size: 900mm x 600mm

30 sticky sheets per mat & 10 mats per pack

Our Blue Tarpaulin comes in an ideal size for coverage of an average residential room.

It’s lightweight and provides an economical and effective way to protect flooring from dirt, dust, splashes and spillages whilst decorating.

It’s the easiest of all our protective coverings to wipe down at the end of a project and store away for future use.

Size: 5.4m x 3.6m

Minimum sales quantity – 15 sheets

Our TPS Polythene Sheeting is of higher quality (thickness) than that offered as a standard product by the larger DIY chains.

It provides an efficient and very cost-effective way to protect flooring & furnishings from dust and paint splashes whilst decorating.

Of all our floor protection coverings it is the one most intended to be ‘one-use’, but can potentially be used more than once if not too heavily soiled or damaged.

Size: 25m x 4m

Minimum sales quantity – 15 rolls

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For More Details And Wholesale Prices For Our Full Range Of Floor Protection Products Please Do Get It Touch.

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